Releasing as seen by the remarkable Lester Levenson.  Image result for Picture of Lester Levenson

Let’s work on a sleep issue, but if this is not relevant to you, please alter it to something that is.
Let’s start with a statement:  ” I allow myself to sleep well and awake fresh and well rested at……….am”
Could you write that down and look at it carefully.
Next, list your reactions to the statement. It’s not the ideas as this is not a head thing but the feelings that lie behind the thoughts.
Write down the reactions.
Now we are ready to begin.
Take the first reaction and notice what it feels like. If you pick up a pencil and keep it in your tightly closed hand, you can’t drop it (let it go). First, you have to open the hand and give it some space so you can look at it properly and then you can turn your hand over and drop it because it is no longer being clutched in your closed fist.
Take a look at the feeling.

Can you simply let it be there without trying to change it? Don’t judge it,  don’t try to control it, don’t resist it simply let it be there.

Then, ask yourself could you welcome it? Even if you get a “no” continue.
The next step is to ask yourself a simple question.
“Would I let it go?” (The feeling that is.) Because why would you want to hold onto it? Even if you get a “no” proceed.
Now is the time for the next question:  ” Could I let it go?” or “Could I allow myself to let it go?”
Then simply let it go. It’s like dropping something. Allow the tension to leave your muscles and simply relax.

What lies underneath what you have just let go? You need to continue releasing until you reach a place of courageousness which means a place of clarity, a place of flexibility and place of non-resistance. Just somewhere that feels lighter. Or better still a place of acceptance. This is a place of appreciative balance, somewhere where everything is OK. It’s harmonious and you have nothing more to change. This is a point of tender understanding and warm well-being. Better still is peace. This is a place of simply being boundless, quiet and fulfilled. It feels light.

Keep releasing until you reach this place of positive feeling and when you get there simply relax and take your ease. Simply relax and let go.
You might have to release many times before reaching the abovementioned state, but it’s easy to do and you can do it anywhere. Sitting watching the sunset, driving your children to school whilst you are doing your exercises…….anywhere. It becomes like a mantra to life. Once you have completed one step then proceed to the next. It’s as simple as that.

Moreover, if other emotions bubble up, you can release on them too. If somebody does something particularly stupid on the road, don’t get angry, don’t get into the story…….just release. Look at the incident without judgment. Remember all duality creates judgment… good/bad, hot/cold, big/small. If these seeming opposites were to merge into one what would we have? Welcome the feeling generated by the action and ask yourself these simple questions.

Could I let it go?
Would I let it go?
You can only do anything in the now because if you didn’t do it yesterday it will never happen and you might do it tomorrow but on the other hand you might not. Life is a series of fleeting nows and many of us don’t even notice them as they slip by.
Enjoy the experience.  so you can be sure you have a firm handle on an amazingly simple and yet hugely effective technique. When Lester Levenson developed this he had just had a second heart attack aged only 42. He was confined to a wheelchair and told that if he overexerted himself he would die. That was in 1952. He worked on these techniques and was fully healthy within 3 months and went on to live until 1994.
Would you like to learn how to effectively use this amazing release technique? If so simply drop me an e-mail and we can arrange an appointment for a cost-free releasing session. If it works, and as it works for everybody else, why shouldn’t it work for you ?  When that happens, perhaps, we can take it further.
Alister Bredee