The Program – The Nine Steps

The Program has nine steps. We hope we can help you take those steps because our job is to inspire others to recognize that different possibilities exist, are credible and different realities can be created by living those possibilities which create a different reality.

The Nine Steps

  • Life 1. The kidney cleanse

  • Life 2. The gut cleanse

  • Life 3. The Liver cleanse

  • Life 4. The lymphatic cleanse

  • Life 5. The parasite cleanse

  • Life 6.  The heavy metal cleanse

  • Life 7.  The emotional cleanse

  • Life 8.  Beware EMRs and electrical stress

  • Life 9. The spiritual cleanse

How do we achieve our objective?

  • Buy the book and use it as a self-help manual. A do it yourself approach.
  • An easier approach. You seek help. We can assist you to reach your goal. Here are the packages or options.
  • Silver package. A one-off sign-up fee entitles you to 4 * 45 minutes online (Skype, What’s App, Messenger) or face to face sessions with Alister Bredee to assist you through the program.

  • Gold package for the more committed. This involves a one-off sign-up fee that entitles you to 8X45 minute online (Skype, What’s App, Messenger) or face to face sessions plus weekly internet support and an extra emergency session if needed with Alister Bredee to ease you through the program.


  • Platinum Program. Same as Gold but with the added benefit of our professionally prepared “detox kit” mailed to your home. This prime collection of herbs which you make into delicious detox shakes, taken there to five times per day, accompanied by a plant based healthy eating regime. This detoxes the body at a deep cellular level whilst producing moderate weight loss as a valuable additional bonus. This is the definitive choice for somebody dedicated to taking giant strides forward to enhance health, wellness and longevity.

    Highly recommended **

  • The Samui Package. The ultimate approach where you come to amazing Samui and enjoy comfortable accommodation that is chosen for your budget. Savour the herbal shakes that are specially prepared for you, tuck into imaginative vegetarian meals, attend our classes on lifestyle change and well-being, swim in the warm tropical sea, be pampered with regular massages, energize with daily yoga classes, step into the infra-red sauna that melts fat and toxins away, enjoy relaxing ozone treatments, meditate on the beach as the sun sets and experience cleansing colonics administered by our expert therapist who is a true healer. Work through the program personally supervised by Dr. Alister who has over 30 years experience in health and wellness.

Contact us so we can schedule a cost free 45-minute strategy session to talk with an expert who can help you choose the best option for you and your budget – click on the button above.