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Even though I have been eating extremely healthy foods and have lived a very healthy life-style all my life, I had suffered from digestive problems and fatigue for decades which significantly impacted the quality of my life. I also suffered from severe mental fogginess which at times drove me crazy as it negatively influenced my ability to do my work to a large extent. Often times I just couldn’t think sharp at all. I just couldn’t figure out what was causing my problems as I was doing everything ‘right’. I ate almost only vegetarian foods, lots of fruits and veggies every day and exercised at least 4 times a week.

I had seen many doctors specialized in nutrition and changed my diet again and again according to their recommendations. However, nothing changed. Then I went to see a cardiologist as my general practitioner thought it might be caused by a heart problem as I had a heart arrhythmia. The test results showed that I was very fit and that my heart was perfectly healthy, something which I had never doubted in the first place.

Although I felt frustrated many times, I didn’t want to accept my condition and kept looking for solutions. That solution finally came when I went to see Alister of whom I had heard he was an excellent nutritionist.

In our first session, Alister quickly and effortlessly started testing my nutritional deficits using kinesiology. I was in for a shock when he told me very specifically which nutritional deficits I had as well as which ‘healthy’ foods were poisoning my body and causing my problems. I followed every single instruction Alister gave me to the letter about what supplements to take, how much of each supplement as well as what ‘healthy’ foods to completely avoid and what foods to add to my diet.

Within 6 weeks my energy came back and my mental fogginess drastically reduced. My constipation and bloating improved tremendously for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe that no doctor had ever given me this information and simple to follow instructions before.

In our second session, Alister fine-tuned my diet and supplement intake even more and I still follow his advice to this very day. Thanks to Alister’s superb skills and extensive knowledge I can now say that I haven’t had mental fogginess ever since I first saw him 4 years ago. On top of that my energy has been very high and I never had digestive problems again! And, as a nice side-effect of following Alister’s nutritional advice, even my heart arrhythmia disappeared!

I will be forever grateful to Alister for pinpointing out my nutritional imbalances with such accuracy and clarity and for its amazing effects it has had on my total health and well-being!


EB Phuket

May 14, 2017