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I worked with Alister for the past month and felt very strongly and intuitively that he would be someone really beneficial for me to work with ( hah! and I WAS RIGHT!) With that said, my intuition led me to work with him. Alister’s approach is very no-nonsense and he cuts to the core of what needs to be worked on and released with authenticity and honesty in mind. It was all very powerful and liberating, my body instantly felt the difference after each session, my energy improved dramatically – something which I haven’t felt in years. Alister is also great at coaching you to reach your goals and also has a lot of wisdom in many areas of life. I would highly recommend anyone to work with him if you are looking for a breakthrough or emotional clearance. This will not be the last time we will work together as I am already creating a new packet for our next project together! I am VERY pleased with the results. Goooo Alister 🙂

Alena K May 12, 2017