KINESIOLOGY a quick way to access the unconscious mind.

What is kinesiology?

In the 1930’s, Dr. Terence Bennett, an American chiropractor, discovered location points in the head, which affect the flow of blood to various organs of the human body. By simply touching these points with a finger it is possible to stimulate or inhibit the flow of blood by triggering a neural response. Thirty years earlier, American osteopath, Dr. Frank Chapman discovered lymphatic points, which also triggered off a neural response. In fact, these points were very similar if not the same as the acupoints used in Chinese Acupuncture. In the mid-1960s, chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart integrated these systems into his own form of muscle testing which he called Applied Kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology used these neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points to feed back information about the state of the body. The chiropractors found, thanks to kinesiology, that emotional issues and nutritional deficiencies were just as likely to cause an adjustment to “pop out” of place as were structural defects. Kinesiology provided a means of getting vital information back from the body‘s computer.

This information could then be used to heal the body

Using Kinesiology Scanning to Heal.

Thanks to the Riddler Nutritional Reflexes it is possible to touch specific points on the body and then muscle test. If the muscle should test weak whilst touching the point there is an indication that there is a possible deficiency in the system. If for instance the Vitamin C reflex situated on the corner of the left collar bone tests weak when touched and a muscle is tested, there is a good chance you are deficient in Vitamin C. If Vitamin C is then introduced to the system and the muscle strengthens we have an indication that the problem has been solved.

The test procedure comprises TL (Therapy locating)

26 points situated from the top of the head down to the pubic bone. Any weaknesses can be strengthened by using good quality nutritional supplements. You then buy what you need to specifically correct your deficiencies. Thus you are working to insure optimum nutritional health at all times. We also look at reactive substances and organ points in the full scan.

Let me check your nutritional needs using kinesiology scanning to determine what supplements you may be lacking. Deficiencies can be noted so that you then purchase only the high-quality supplements you need. What’s more, we can determine the optimum dosage.

The Body Code

To make this even better, American chiropractor, Dr. Bradley developed a system of healing based on muscle testing. This is called “The Body Code” which is another part of “A Cat Has Nine Lives” Program. We let him explain how this powerful healing tool works.