How did this all start?

Yes, I remember, it began with a Sunday Newspaper. At the time I was living and working in Bahrain, which is a little island scrunched up against Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Gulf.

I saw an advertisement announcing a “Hypnotherapy Training Course” by distance                  learning. That’s just an up – market way of saying it was a correspondence course. So, I wrote away to Bournemouth for details. Back came an audio cassette giving some details of what the training offered and how the world required Analytical Hypnotherapists to set it back on its feet. It sounded quite fascinating and I was hooked.


In October 1984 I qualified as an “Analytical Hypnotherapist”. The study part was fun, and I felt quite bereft on receiving that piece of paper that indicated I was free to practice. Each week I would receive the lessons in the post and along with them came taped lectures from the instructor, Neil French. Fortunately, I was able to travel easily and cheaply and I had gone to see him in Bournemouth and he had taken me through something called a training analysis, during which many long-forgotten scenes from my childhood came flooding back to surface awareness. Each time we had a session, I came away feeling drained and exhausted. Gradually, behavior patterns that had been there began to shift away. I was only aware that they had gone when I looked back and noticed that I had done such and such and now I did it no longer.  Certainly, I was feeling calmer and more grounded.


Looking back it is difficult to remember why I had started that course. All my friends were hugely derisory. They laughed and scoffed, without having a clue about what they were ridiculing. I have found that people take positions and can completely dismiss something they know nothing about, simply because it sounds a little odd. Perhaps they felt threatened by my embracing a concept that they did not understand, and which set me apart from them. I don’t know. All I know is this “hypnotherapy” course was passionately interesting. I eagerly awaited the new lessons and felt a tad flat when I had completed them and returned them to Neil French in faraway Bournemouth. Then another lesson would come and I could carefully examine the previous one suitably daubed with the instructor’s comments and observations. Then it was all over! The exam was completed, I had passed and now had an impressive blue certificate, which I hastily framed and plonked up on the wall. But what was I to do now?


I had passed the exam, and to all intents and purposes I was qualified, and you know what Oscar Wilde said; “Practice makes perfect”, and I practiced and practiced and practiced. First I put an advert in the “Gulf Mirror” announcing to the world that I was now open to see clients. And clients began to make appointments.  Unfortunately, my boss saw my advert and cautioned me that hypnotherapy was just a little too radical for the Bahrain of 1984. He was certain it would cause a run in with The Ministry of Health and suggested that I desist. Now, this was the last thing that I wanted to do. I wanted to practice until I was perfect, or at least as near perfect as possible. I’m still not there and it’s now almost 34 years later!


In 1983 I had bought a small flat in Pembridge Villas, which is situated in London’s Notting Hill. I was very proud of my little flat and would tinker whenever I got a chance. I also lent it to friends who needed a pad in London, as I was away for most of the time. Deep down, however, I really wanted to live in my flat, and so I did!

In September 1985 a DC 10 touched down at Gatwick Airport from New York. I had left Bahrain in the July and gone to London via the circuitous route. The Company had very kindly given me a first class around the world ticket. This had taken me to Singapore, Djakarta, and Bali and then to Sydney and around Australia. Onwards I went to New Caledonia and New Zealand. My family there had welcomed me like the prodigal son. We rented a camper and drove all over the North Island. It’s sad to think that all but one of them have gone now. From New Zealand, I flew across the Pacific to Tahiti. A famous New Zealand snooker player and I managed to capsize an outrigger canoe off the coast of Morea and I had to dive deep into the crystal clear water to retrieve my belongings which were gently sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Later, I slipped and fell on the beach. The fall rekindled an old ligament injury that meant my knee swelled up like a balloon and walking became excruciatingly painful. That was not all. When the wonderful day to leave dawned, and I arrived at the airport with the throngs of other passengers wishing to fly to Los Angeles, I couldn’t! Why? I had lost my ticket. Lost is the wrong word, as I had actually mislaid it. It had hidden itself in the lining of my flight bag, and when the big jet had flown away and I had found a place to stay, I found it again. So I did get to Los Angeles and beyond. In fact all the way to Gatwick, where a limo awaited to take me to 14C, Pembridge Villas, London W11.


1985 went by and then 1986 and then 1987 and I was growing more than a little disgruntled. You see all those theoretical results we had been told about in training were just not happening as frequently as I had been led to believe. I reckoned I was getting results in approximately 30% of cases and this was just not good enough. That’s about as good as the placebo effect, which isn’t really good enough. So, I started to search for better ways of doing the job. First, it was toxins and allergies, which could be identified by kinesiology and then treated with homeopathic desensitizing remedies. Not a whole lot of success in this department and so on to “Primary Cause Analysis by Hypnosis”. New Zealander, Jim Bennett believed, quite rightly all non-functional behavior was the result of childhood trauma. However, his trauma was always due to abuse. He may or may not be right but this was a heavy way to go at a time when Dr, Marietta Higgs was making more and more startling allegations about sexual abuse in the home and the social services were marching in like storm-troopers and removing children from their parents. I learned a lot from this but found it emotionally very challenging.


By now I had moved to London’s Harley Street and had a thoroughly booming practice. Moreover, I was also on the Council of Management of the Institute of Analytical Hypnotherapists, and everything should have been rosy. True money was flowing in, but results were still not satisfactory.


I went off and studied “Touch for Health” and basic Kinesiology, and came to the conclusion the answer lay in the body. The next step was a three-year Holistic Health Course which covered a gamut of subjects, including Clinical Kinesiology and acupuncture all because I went along to a lecture on Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs), by someone called Harry Howell.

Harry was the founder and principal of the “Whole Health Clinic” in Sherborne, Dorset and founded Howell College. He had become famous in 1980 as a result of Jana Bokova’s film of his work, which had won the “Best Documentary” Award at the Cannes Film Festival. The talk on “EMFs” was sufficiently awe-inspiring for the next step. This was a brief training in Sherborne on “Colonic Irrigation”. For those who don’t know colonic irrigation is a way of washing out the bowel or large intestine. Unlike enemas which are uncomfortable, colonics allow water to gently enter the colon and when pressure is felt the water is released taking with it the detritus that reposed in the area. A recent “Guardian” newspaper article tells of someone who released a marble which had been swallowed 22 years earlier during a colonic. High colonics have over the years been the butt of jokes from ridiculous comedians who have shared a lavatorial sense of humor with their audience. However, there is a lot of evidence to show that washing of the colon is an excellent way of ridding the body of toxins. The skin begins to glow with health and energy levels increase. Although a trained colon therapist, I have never practiced. Why? I suppose it is just very inconvenient to have such a set-up. However, Mary Anderson did, but more about her later on. The other Irish man trained by Harry in the same discipline is Dr. Vincent Power from Limerick. I first met Vincent in 1986 when he wandered into my consulting room in Kensington High Street and asked me to teach him all I knew about hypnosis. I don’t believe I taught him anything, but I did point him in the direction of somebody who did.

He told me about the wonders of Limerick and showered me with invitations to visit. I didn’t but little either did I grasp, that only 4 years later I would be living and working in Dublin. True that’s not Limerick, but it is after all the capital of Ireland.

As is so often the case, it seemed that Harry was a significant marker on this wonderful journey of self-awareness. When Howell College launched its first three-year course in Holistic Medicine, who should be there as a student but one, Alister Bredée.


Looking back I reaffirm I acquired a huge body of knowledge in this my quest for “The Holy Grail”. Harry’s Course embraced acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, which involved a residency working in a hospital in Sri Lanka. However, it came to dawn that there were others who were better acupuncturists and it might be better advised to stick to the area I knew best, namely the mental/emotional sphere.

As this course progressed, I went to Dublin to a Conference on some completely unrelated matter. Whilst in Dublin I happened to meet somebody and as is the case in these matters this led to a huge change in course of my life plan. The October of 1990 saw me living at 6, Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6. Oh, yes I continued with the Course. I would commute over to London to attend on a very regular basis. Unfortunately, this caused quite a lot of tension in my new found relationship. It was thought I was spending all the money! I didn’t really listen to the complaints but that’s another story, and might account for the fact the partnership died an untimely death and explains the irony of why I am still alone in Ireland with Jasper and my ex-partner now lives with someone else in London!


The Next step on that path was Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which did make a huge difference. Many of the therapeutic techniques were elegant and impressive to do, but they did not seem to hold over the long term. However, NLP gives all who take the time to look carefully at it powerful language skills which are perfect for expanding everybody’s view of the world. It takes us all from a place where we believe we have few if any choices to a bigger map where we grasp there are many more choices than any of us allowed for. Another benefit of NLP is it teaches us to ask questions, which cut through the fluff of confusion that surrounds so many of us, inhabitants of planet earth.

That means I am of the opinion anybody in the coaching or therapy business, needs to be conversant with NLP. Language skills train us to ask questions which cut through the surface structure and connect to the deeper issues. Like so many things, the best way to learn is to do. You can’t learn NLP from a book. This is the reason that I urge everyone in the therapy and coaching business to go off and study NLP at least to Practitioner level. You can’t not be a better person that way, can you?

WHY? Well, the language component will help get the swiftly to the heart of the matter and that saves a lot of time, which in turn makes you more efficient!

Asked properly these NLP based questions can re-frame people’s lives and not simply remove their symptoms. Tad James asks:


What is the question I can ask by the very nature of the presuppositions in the question will cause the client to make the greatest amount of change by having to accept the presuppositions inherent in the question itself?”


Now, that sentence will send you into a trance, won’t it? That’s supposed to happen, isn’t it? But then, where is there a better place to find the answer? What on earth is he talking about? It’s simply this. The world of the conscious mind is indeed limited. It seems most of the human race can process 5 plus or minus 2 pieces of information at any one time. Some people can’t even manage that. We all know someone who can’t chew gum and walk down the street at the same time. We have all had a similar experience where we were all over the place and prone to fall over our own feet, especially when our energies are all askew.

However, the unconscious mind can process somewhere in the region of fourteen million pieces of data at any one time. Trance gives access to the unconscious, so where better place to go if choice is the name of the game. One of the NLP beliefs is:


“He who has the most choices triumphs in every outcome.”

Many people get stuck because they believe they have far fewer if any, choices than is accurately the case. Get them to see the bigger picture and a way out usually reveals itself.


I need to take a little detour and talk briefly about ‘beliefs’. I think Tony Robbins described beliefs as: “opinions with legs”. They are not cast in stone and they can change.

Up until the 16th century, it was largely believed that the world was flat. This was a very inconvenient theory when it came to explorers going off to discover the new world. There was this inherent danger that they would fall off the end, and then what would happen to them? Some very brave souls like Copernicus and Galileo were dubious about the assumption, and so they challenged it. This thinking went against the established beliefs of the day. Thinking that was laid down by the Church, that was there to intercede between Man and God. Ideas that ran contrary to the accepted wisdom of the Church were considered heretical. Dissent like this was considered a crime, and poor Galileo and Copernicus had a very hard time of it. Heterodoxy challenged orthodoxy and won. Nobody today believes the earth is flat. Beliefs are changeable and are determined by the age in which we live. In other words, viewpoints are time-dependent.

I find it very curious when so-called experts appear on television or elsewhere in the media and pronounce that such and such is impossible. What they really mean to say is that the problem has not been solved at this time. It’s not impossible because more than likely time will change that.  Don’t you think it’s a good idea to take a good hard look at all your beliefs on an ongoing basis? Once we start challenging our own thinking, it begins to loosen up. That, my friends, is what flexibility is, and it’s the opposite of rigidity. The more flexible you are, the more choices you have and the more choices you have means you are more likely to achieve an outcome you want rather than one you don’t!


This is so powerful, and this form of questioning needs to take place face to face whilst the Case History is being taken. By the way, I believe a Case History is just as important as any intervention carried out by the therapist during therapy. Anyway, I digress, but the mention of Tad James takes me to the next landmark in my search. And that was “Time Line Therapy” and now we’re in the year 1994. Lots of important events took place in that year.


A client, who came to see me, was so impressed with NLP that he decided to go off and find out more. Ironically, he studied with an American named Tad James. As it happened this client, had a wonderful shop crammed with fascinating books, wondrous tapes and other such ‘goodies’. At about this time he came panting along with details of a book he had just discovered. It was called “The Celestine Prophecy”. He had a synopsis of the story, as sadly at that point the book was not available in either the UK or Ireland. I knew I had to have a copy, and so I called my friend Olga in California, and she tracked down a hard covered edition in her local bookstore. Kindly, she sent it to me as a birthday present. This bestseller by James Redfield was not especially well written but it explored the various insights in a new way. It pretended to be an adventure novel, and yet taught some serious lessons. One of these concepts was that of energy. It seemed we could see energy. I spent many a happy hour gazing at the smoky shimmer that came off my fingers and other objects particularly plants and trees. Redfield taught us how to charge these energies by soaking in the beauty of nature. He pointed out how certain positive situations could be highly energizing and how others such as fear-related experiences could have the opposite effect and drain energy.

At the time I did not fully realize the full significance of the information, but it certainly paved a path. So much so, that I wanted to share this information with as many people as possible. As a result “The Celestine Sundays” came into being. These one-day workshops explored in an experiential fashion the riches found within the covers of that “Time-Warner” publication. We walked a timeline, looking down on the events that brought our civilization from the dawning of Christianity to the present time. We sat around in a circle looking at energy, gazing at one another in a sufficiently defocused manner so that most people present had an opportunity to discern that shimmer not dissimilar to the haze that hovers over a macadam road on a hot summer’s day. Family coping mechanisms were exposed and the poor-mes, intimidators, interrogators and aloofs outed. It was all a lot of fun, and for some people, it started a path of exploration that was to become increasingly more important as the future began to unfold.

My ex-client, John, talked about a component of his NLP training which was new to me, and that was “Time Line”. He had learned this from his studies with Tad James. Here was a relatively simple therapeutic approach that took the client back to root cause and “flattened” it on a permanent basis without the need for huge abreactions and similar histrionics which were always extremely painful. Like “The Celestine Prophecy” I desperately wanted to know more. I realized that this was the missing component of NLP. Time Line would get results that held on a permanent basis, unlike many of the temporary quick fixes, which seemed to be the downside of NLP. So, I stuck with it and worked with” Time Line” right up to the recent present. Generally speaking, I was pleased with the results and we did some good work.” Time Line” has a strong metaphysical component and this took me on to Reiki and Hawaiian Huna. Tad James does a lot of his training in Kona, Hawaii and I decided I would like to spend some time there, too! But I’m racing ahead once more.


The other landmark event of 1994 was Natural Solutions. Natural Solutions is still a name I use today, but back in 1994, it was the handle given to a small healing Centre located at 6, Clifton Terrace in Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Prior to this time, I had been working out of the Mary Anderson Centre. Mary had done some of her training with Harry Howell, and so an area of commonality existed between us. Yes, she was a colonics person amongst other things. However, she had also established a thriving healing Centre in her very large house situated in Grosvenor Terrace. Mary had certain problems that she had never resolved and these interfered with her gifts as a therapist. They also made working with her extremely difficult. In the summer of 1994 events came to a head, and a bevy of people working out of the Mary Anderson Centre decided to go their own way. The result was that three others plus myself went to see a large flat in Clifton Terrace with a view to turning it into another Centre. After the initial viewing, that number shrank to three. The three were Brid Walls, Majella Conway and myself. Without a bean between us, we rented the premises and Natural Solutions came on stream on September 1st 1994. The project was a great leap of faith, which paid off. I have to say it was certainly touch and go over the first few months. I think the third rent cheque bounced. Bouncing cheques from new tenants rarely impress landlords, but Francis and Anne-Marie Lynch held the faith and became firm friends right up to the end of the Natural Solutions Healing Centre venture in December 1998.


Thanks to my friend Phillipa Samuelson I came across the book “Other Lives, Other Selves” by Roger Woolger, shortly after the setting-up of Natural Solutions. I was urged to be in London for Phillipa’s Birthday in the October of 1995, and once there she cajoled me into attending what she promised to be her “Birthday Celebration”. I had on pain of death to be at St. James’s Church in Piccadilly at 7 pm on the day in question. Thinking this to be an unlikely venue for a birthday party, I showed up nonetheless. Phillipa was adept at surprises and none of them was to be missed!

The evening turned out to be a lecture and slide presentation by the author of “Other Lives, Other Selves”, Dr. Roger Woolger. I was also introduced to his assistant, Rob Jayne, and we became close friends.

Roger has developed an interesting technique, which he says is designed to take us back to experience our past lives. Whether or not this is possible is certainly open to conjecture, but the result is almost always interesting. Dr. Woolger himself wrestles with the possibility of past lives. He is however stern in his view that visiting these previously hidden areas of the soul’s existence is not for the purpose of an excursion, a magical mystery tour for the curious. The result is generally pertinent to what is happening in this life, right now. Thus past life therapy is a learning experience which gives valuable insights into this life. The re-experiencing of the lives can be an emotional experience with dramatic abreactions and frequent healing catharsis. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted. Perhaps, one day I will sit down and write about the most significant of my supposed past lives. I know it will be a very stirring and gripping account.


In the winter of 1996, I was lucky enough to go over to Woodstock in upstate New York where Roger was living and spend a week with him and Rob Jayne. The house was a gate lodge to a large estate on the outskirts of the town. Heavy snow lay round about and the temperatures plunged to –20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. It was an old house which lay at the end of a steep drive, meaning that only those with four-wheel drive vehicles could make it up the rough incline. It was breathtaking winter setting redolent of the film White Christmas with its creaking floorboards and blazing log fires. Roger lived amongst a sea of books and was a mine of fascinating information.

There were two results of that trip to frozen New York State. One was that Roger would allow Rob to come over to Ireland and introduce his work to the Irish via Natural Solutions. The first of those workshops was in March 1996. This enabled Roger to gather sufficient interest to hold a 5-Day Intensive Training at Castle Matrix later that year.

Sadly Rob was unable to continue with his two-day introductions because of his own problems back home in the USA, so he was replaced at the last minute by another of Roger’s Trainers, Mary Haskins from “Bonnie Scotland.”


The second result came as a consequence of meeting Lester on my last morning at the house in Boggs Hill. Lester was a mechanic who fixed Mercedes, but he had bought the plans of a nifty little machine. These plans were the result of the work of Bob Becker. The machine worked as a frequency generator, pitched or so I was told, at such a frequency to kill a host of microbes and viruses. More than that it also worked with an electrode to produce colloidal silver. This was all quite fascinating. I had to have one and so I placed my order, with a promise of payment when I got back to Ireland. To this day I have certain reservations about the machine. I attached the two electrodes to my wrists and fell asleep for the hour-long treatment periods and only seemed to get what looked like a prickly heat rash on the spots where the electrodes had been. However it made smashing colloidal silver, and so Natural Solution’s Silver Colloid came into being.


A colloid, for those who don’t know, is a mixture in which fine particles, in this case, silver (Ag), is dispersed without being dissolved in another substance, in this case, pure filtered water. Fog, paints and butter are all examples of colloids. During tests, colloidal silver has been shown to destroy over 650 different pathogens, viruses, fungi and parasites.


History shows that the Romans knew about the bactericidal properties of silver over a thousand years ago. This is when legionnaires carried their water supply in silver containers to keep it safe and pure. Accounts from the past show us it was used by Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and survivors of the great plagues that swept through Europe throughout the Middle Ages. The American pioneers used it as they made their great trek across the continent in order to reach the Pacific Ocean. The trick was to put a silver dollar in your water flask.


In the nineteenth century, physicians began dropping silver into the eyes of newborn infants, to prevent blindness.


The UCLA Medical center reported that Colloidal Silver “killed every virus that was tested in the lab.”


Dr. Henry Crooks in: “Use of Colloids in Health and Disease”, said, “I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in six minutes”.


Dr. Harry Magraf of St. Louis stated: “Colloidal Silver is the best all-round germ fighter we have.”


The Home Water Filtration Industry, which saw a huge growth during the 1990s, has been using silver in their filters in order to eliminate bacteria for a considerable time. With all this evidence to back up its effectiveness a machine to make this astonishing colloid was, indeed, a find worth having.


The Natural Solutions Health Centre scenario had also changed. Brid Walls elected to go her own way in 1995 and Majella took a similar decision in 1996. This left me on my own and opened the way for Brenda Blair to enter the scene. She became a partner in 1996. Brenda attended Rob’s “Past Life Introduction”. She quickly developed an interest in that area of therapy, and she was to become a stalwart, attending all of Dr.Woolger’s Trainings in Ireland. When they ceased, she ventured across the Irish Sea to England to continue her training. Brenda was also the Irish Co-coordinator of Marshall Rosenberg’s “Non-Violent Communication.”


The clock tells me we are now in 1997. I saw that Tad James and David Shephard were presenting an “Introduction to Hawaiian Huna” in London that June. It was a few days training that included a component fascinatingly named; “Creating Your Future”. I was already on the Reiki trail and had started my Reiki Initiations having completed Reki ‘1’ with Mary Fanning in Dublin. Mary had been using “Natural Solutions” for Reiki work and so I had not had very far to go. I had been hearing about Tad’s work with Huna, and was really paying attention because he claimed Time Line was a technique that had its heritage in the traditions of the Hawaiian people.

Huna is truly remarkable. Translated from the Hawaiian it means “secret”. This is not some Masonic clandestine organization but a means of bringing back many of the secrets that have been hidden over the eons of time. It is interesting that in a later Chapter when we examine Chinese Medicine and its relationship to Energy Psychology we come across the “Sons of Reflected Light.” This race of giants, who are said to have arrived in China approximately 12,000 years ago, brought with them an array of skills that they taught the Chinese. Could there be a connection here?

Serge King is a Kahuna. “Kahuna” translates as keeper of the secret, which could be more realistically described as someone who is a master of Hawaiian Huna. King tells of a legend that is very, very old. This story recounts the history of the Continent of Mu. It seems that in the dark mists of time a huge continent nestled in the Pacific Ocean. It was a veritable land of “milk and honey”. A race of people came from the Pleiades in far space. They came with skills far in advance of those possessed by the Inhabitants of Mu. Sadly this huge Continent was destroyed because of a ruckus in the Universe which knocked the Earth off its axis and caused most of the land mass to sink beneath the sea. Only the highest peaks were left and these are what make up the Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti and so on. It seems there had been a great war in the Universe. A war that the Pleiadians could have prevented but did not. As a result, the few that remained were forced to leave the islands and go off elsewhere. Could this Plaedian knowledge have been the basis on which Huna and perhaps the Tao were built?

Huna is the shamanistic belief system of the Hawaiian Islands. I suppose these ideas have survived because these Pacific islands are very remote. They lie two thousand miles off the coast of the Continental US, and remained relatively untouched by progress, except for a few foreign whalers until the coming of the American missionaries in the 1820s. It is even more surprising that any of this information has survived as Hawaiian was never a written language and the information had to be handed down over the generations in another way. The other way was the Hawaiian chants. Hawaiian is a language of 12 letters and 4 vowels.  Because the language is so restricted it is very much context driven. For instance, the word “Ha” can mean “breath” or the number “4”. The meaning will only be evident from how the sentence is constructed. The Christian Missionaries compiled several Hawaiian-English dictionaries. The chants to them were cultural artifacts extolling the virtues of “the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees.”

If they had known the true meanings they would surely have suppressed them, because the Huna secrets were handed from one generation to the next hidden not in texts but in the chants. Another method of expressing Hawaiian culture was via Hula dancing. This is an intricate and precise art form. The missionaries quickly took exception to these dancers, feeling the girls were scantily clad therefore indecent. Perhaps, if they had known the reality behind the illusion they would have taken even greater umbrage. It is ironic that the first writer to explore this hidden culture in depth was an American! Max Freedom Long went to the islands during the First World War as a photographer. In his book “What Jesus taught was Secret he was able to formulate a theory, which shows Christ’s message was indeed on two levels. On one level we have the literal and on the other the metaphorical which his true followers would be able to understand. Unfortunately, some who claim to have been his true followers and interpreters have not understood the true message, and chaos, suffering and confusion have followed.

As it was, the American Missionaries saw Huna and the Hawaiian culture as a direct threat to the North Eastern Christian ethic that they had come to promote. Sadly Huna and the skills of the Kahuna were forced underground, and it is only in the last forty years that this information has been allowed to emerge once again. For instance, the Hawaiians have known about the Conscious, Unconscious and Higher Self or Super Conscious minds for thousands of years, whilst we in the West only became aware of such things a little over a century ago. They were able to explain what Freud had termed “repressions”, comparing them to the little black bags in which the pearl divers store their pearls, during deep dives to the oyster beds on the sea bottom. The Huna had seen the importance of the human mind and its connection to disease. The Kahunas had constructed healing techniques using that mind and this was the stuff Tad James had on offer in far away Hawaii. I had to know more and Tad is a very good salesman and so October 1997 saw me on my way to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii for my first Huna Intensive. It was tremendous. The training took place in a luxury hotel nestling beside the bright blue Pacific Ocean. Multi-colored and very exotic birds ushered in the dawn from their homes amongst the alien species of tropical trees that clustered around my bedroom window. There was hardly a spare minute throughout the day. The yoga class was at 7 am and the Hula Dancing began at 9 am. Then in the afternoon and into the evening were the wonderful Huna Teachings. The trip involved a hike across the volcano in brilliant sunshine and a visit to the city of Refuge. It also comprised “Dreamtime”. This practice involved several hours of chanting, which of course induced trance just before sleep that was said to be the harbinger of very vivid dreams.

I do recall this whole trip featured many remarkable dreams. However, the one that really springs forth after the “Dreamtime” involved my cousin who lived in New Zealand. He had been part of my family who had very much welcomed me to New Zealand in 1985 and again on the subsequent trip in 1989.

In the dream, he had come to meet me at the airport and we were driving off to some destination. We were in his car, deep in conversation, when he drew up on the side of the road, and simply disappeared. I got out to look for him, but could not find him. I woke up feeling shocked, just like after a nightmare. It took me several hours to get over the shock of losing him like that. The Seventh Insight of The Celestine Prophecy talks of dreams, telling us that bad dreams have the most important messages. As I write this many years later I am reminded of the very useful “Dream Interpretation Matrix” which was to be found in the “Workbook” that accompanied The Celestine Prophecy.



“Dreams often tell us the same message in different ways over time. Like intuition, they are insistent and persistent. In times of stress or any other time you desire more information, make a point of writing your dreams down. When you have done this, use the question matrix below to shed more light on it. Studies have shown meditation the day before dreaming increases dream recall.

  • What are the main points of the dream?
  • What details seem significant? Why?
  • What is a one sentence title for this dream?
  • What happens at the beginning?
  • What actions are taken?
  • Who is in the dream?
  • If the people in the dream were parts of yourself, what would they be telling you?
  • What is the overall tone of the dream?
  • How does the dream compare to your life right now?
  • What is the dream telling you about your life that you might be overlooking?
  • What is the outcome of the dream?
  • If you were to live the dream in real life what would you do differently?


I told a friend from Canada, called Irene, whom I had met on this trip of the dream. I was sufficiently uncomfortable to even consider flying on to New Zealand when the Huna experience ended.  However, I was also very certain my credit card could not bear that added burden. As things stood I had the hotel in Hawaii to pay and that I was sure would take my up to the limit. This bill bothered me so much that I phoned a friend in London and asked him to pop a couple of hundred extra pounds into my bank account in order to escape any embarrassment when it came to paying the bill.


It was all unforgettable and magnificent. Yes, I decided I would be back.

On the return flight to London, I was seated next to a lady who had been with us in Kona. She is quite well known as a mystic, and her name frequently appears in journals, if you know what sort of publications to look in. She took a close look at me as we took our seats:

“You know,” she said. “I can see why you’re interested in Huna. You look Hawaiian, you know!”

I didn’t know, but then that might have something to do with past lives. What do you think?


In November 1997, just a few weeks after getting back to Dublin from that trip to Hawaii I had a telephone call from my other cousin in New Zealand. She told me that her brother, the cousin of whom I had dreamed whilst in Kona had just died in mysterious circumstances. There was the talk of suicide. Would my going to New Zealand have made a difference, who knows? Perhaps, in retrospect, I should have asked Patrick to put a few extra pounds into the bank so I could not only have paid the hotel bill but flown on to Auckland as well! However, as I put this old dream through the template I notice it has a lot to do with me, too. A part of me was to disappear as a result of the Huna experience in faraway Hawaii.


However, one thing was certain. I was going back. Level Two Huna Intensive included, “Higher Self Therapy” and I did want to learn about that. So back I went in October 1998.

Yes, we did learn about “Higher Self Therapy”, and that is something to really knock your socks off! We trudged across the volcano, yet again. This time it was in the pouring rain. The hotel was different. It was not nearly as nice as the first one. It resembled a huge shopping complex built around a car park. This time the chairs were uncomfortable and I really felt tired in the afternoons. So tired that I had to go off and have a siesta. The teaching timetable was far less extensive and this made the siesta opportunities more realizable. “Baby in Chains” (at least that’s what Irene christened him) who had stood out like some great Teutonic warrior in 1997, fell by the wayside on our trek across the lunar landscape of the volcano. He suffered from diabetes and had forgotten to take his insulin. This was a huge shock to his girlfriend who had no inkling he suffered from that condition. Something was wrong, but what was it? The magic of the previous year had dissipated in a strange way.

However out of it all came a huge ping. Coincidences do after all take us to where we need to go. The next step on the path of life!


I first came across EFT or perhaps it was TFT whilst having dinner with a friend from Boston at the end of that Huna Training. Everyone else had gone home and I had elected to stay on for a couple of days to enjoy the sunshine and the beach. Patrick from Boston had chosen likewise. On the last evening, we decided to have dinner together.  He started talking knowledgeably about the Callahan points in Kinesiology whilst I looked on blankly not really knowing what he was talking about. It wasn’t until a lot later and thanks to the World Wide Web and my computer that I got an answer to this question. So when I stumbled across an increasing number of postings concerning something called EFT on an e-groups site of which I was a member, I at once wanted to know more. Then post haste, I was guided to Gary Craig’s site and one thing, as it invariably does led to another. But I’m jumping again. I need to slow down!

As I boarded the DC-10 en route to San Francisco and points east I offered up a prayer to Kane, the loving parent within.  He is the chief God in the Huna hierarchy. I asked for guidance on where I had to go next. I knew I had to move on, but to where I knew not.


It was November, I was back in Ireland and the winter was fast approaching. I was brimming over with Huna “know-how” and offered an Introductory Week-end in the middle of the month. There were half a dozen participants and great things were happening. It was Sunday. It was all over and tired after the strenuous week-end I took to my bed early. It was then I started to hemorrhage. The bleeding was severe, and it was very scary. Here was someone who had never experienced serious illness, bleeding copiously. However, other thoughts began also to form in my head. It appeared I had to make a choice. I could remain where I was and die or I could move on and live. I had to choose and I had to choose there and then. I chose life and the bleeding subsided! Perhaps the dream about my cousin had been doubly prophetic.


I decided to close Natural Solutions with its handsome location in Monkstown and return to London. It was a quick decision and very swift move. On the 23rd December, I boarded the ferry in Dun Laoghaire and off I went.

I spent Christmas in Kendal, which lies on the edge of the English Lake District with my Mother. Prior to Christmas, she had had explorative surgery for what appeared to have been a case of hemorrhoids. A couple of days after Christmas I accompanied her to an appointment with a Hospital Consultant, who had now had the results of that biopsy.

He pronounced that she had “cancer”. Treatment would involve daily doses of radiotherapy for thirty sessions. These began for her that January. Every day she would go by ambulance to Preston Hospital and then return to Kendal later in the day. It was certainly a full-time job!


I had elected to stay with a friend in East Dulwich, until such time as things began to pick up and then I would find a place of my own. Actually, that was not really true. The original understanding had been that Nigel would move to the USA in March 1999 and I would caretake his flat until he decided exactly what he was going to do. No sooner had I walked in the door than he told me that he had cancelled his American plans but I was free to stay on as a “lodger”. This had not been the agreement at the outset and I was fairly certain I would have changed my plans if I had known of this alteration.


My sporadic episodes of rectal bleeding continued and I was sure that unlike my mother this was just a bad case of piles. Still something needed addressing and so I went along to see the local GP. He took one look and stated categorically that whatever I had certainly was not hemorrhoids, and that he would arrange for me to go and see a surgeon at King’s College Hospital without delay.


My appointment with Mr. Leather took place a couple of days later. His team poked around and took a sample of the affected tissue and told me they would let me know the results soon as they were available. So nothing happened, there was a deep, deafening silence that lasted three weeks or more. Well thought I, no news is good news! And I continued to do nothing. It was my Mother who persuaded me to ring the GP and inquire as to the whereabouts of the missing results. That did the trick and very shortly afterwards I was back in the hospital in Denmark Hill waiting to see Mr. Leather for the second time. On this occasion, it was a case of: “no news being bad news.” He told me I had cancer and he would operate to remove the tumor as soon as practicable.

He didn’t operate on me, but that’s another story. Suffice to say I now had a job that was going to keep me busy for most of 1999. Let’s say this, when Christmas 1999 came about the treatment was over. Both my mother and I were fine. We were free of the “Big C”. But the bizarre thing was we both had a similar form of cancer at the same time!


I was treated by 25 sessions of radiotherapy and 10 of cobalt. The treatments took place at St.Luke’s Hospital Dublin. They had to stop treatment in September because of the radiation burns, which were very painful and made walking uncomfortable. During the three-week recess, I went down to Castletownbere in West Cork to see Ula Kinon who had founded the Beara Circle of Natural Medicine in the old convent in the town. The Beara Circle had gone through troubled times, and it looked as if Ula would have to sell and give up her dream of operating a residential Complementary Health Care facility in what must be one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

I knew the Beara Circle well, having first visited in 1997 for a Therapists’ retreat during the Easter of that year. There had been subsequent visits and I had run a Time Lining Training down there in the early summer of 1998.


In September 1999 Ula was confronted by various financial problems involving the “Old Convent” but she was still determined to keep going, if indeed that was possible. I had been interested in the project since I had first seen it, and was more than content to cast in my lot and join up to make the Beara Circle a viable healing centre. Besides, I needed somewhere to live and a place to recuperate and where better place was there than West Cork? If the Beara Circle survived that was a bonus, if it did not that was all right, too!


I found a delightful old cottage to rent. It came with a gimcrack and leaky conservatory built onto the kitchen roof which gave stupendous views across the Kenmare River and out to the Skelligs.  I could not resist it, and so I moved into Jocelyn’s house in Ahabrock.


My treatment ended sooner that was expected thanks to the Hospital Nurses strike and so in October I found myself living on the Beara Peninsula.


I was living in a damp cottage with magnificent sea views from a leaky conservatory that severely interfered with the ecology of the building, located about 8 miles from Castletown itself.  This living experience was a whole new encounter with life. There were no street lights, a definite remoteness and a certain amount of loneliness thrown in for good measure. During the first two weeks, I barely saw a soul. This was very difficult, but once that watershed was passed it was easy. My idea of a treat was to get in the car, drive down to the town and have a cup of coffee in “The Old Bakery”. In those early days, I did not even have television, but instead listened almost constantly to the classical music station, “Lyric FM”. The other invaluable companion was my computer and access to the internet.


The Internet has changed how we think and learn. It is possible to access vast swathes of information simply by clicking online. This is a priceless asset which can be used to keep us up to speed and beyond in whatever our line of interest may be. Thanks to the Internet, I stumbled as I have said before on a form of therapy called EFT, which led me into the Meridian Psychotherapies.

I knew then without a shadow of an intuitive doubt, this was going to be another golden nugget!


Oh, I have omitted, perhaps the most important “buddy” who appeared on the scene in Beara. Yes, that’s Jasper. Jasper was a four-year-old West Highland Terrier, who declared he was looking for a home on the Message Board of the local supermarket just before Christmas 1999. I phoned the number, there was no reply and went away to spend Christmas in Kendal. I came back in January, and the notice was still pinned to the board. I tried to phone once more, and again the same result, “No answer”!

I mentioned the notice to Maggie who is a very doggy friendly person who seems to know everybody in Castletownbere. “Oh!” she said, “That’s Jasper!” and a meeting was arranged.

Jasper’s person had just moved into a corporation house at the west end of the town. Seemingly the corporation had a rule that permitted two but not three dogs in its rental properties. She had three dogs and one had to go. Jasper was chosen to depart the nest!


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in latish January when I walked up towards the house. The road was closed because they were digging it up. Jasper’s person was walking down the road to meet me, with this little white dog on a rope.  Coming in the other direction was a big Labrador who bounded up to Jasper. In the following furore there was a lot of yapping and the next thing I knew was Jasper was in his person’s arms and she seemed to be bleeding. This was not a very auspicious introduction. The last complication I wanted was a yappy little dog that got into fights with others, particularly big dogs.

I came home with Jasper. A little white dog who had a very big ego.

“If you have any problems, just give me a ring and I’ll take him along to the vet’s,” was her parting comment. How could I possibly let that happen to such a charming little creature? So we’ve been together ever since.














Photograph by Sandy Loeber