This is what one client had to say about the experience.

“After several years of chronic pain and inflammation, I was told by my doctor that pain management, at best, was the only treatment option available to me.
At 37 years old I was not yet willing to believe that reclaiming my health was not an option. I had previously suspected that certain aspects of my lifestyle and diet were contributing to my condition and felt that going through a detoxification process would be beneficial. When I was made aware of Alister Bredee’s 9 step detox programme ‘A Cat has nine lives’ I knew I had found what I’d been looking for. Having tried other detoxification protocols in the past which focused solely on diet, I was looking for a programme with a more holistic approach. Alister’s programme does just this!
I took the plunge and headed to Koh Samui, for an 11 day detox working directly with Alister. The work comprised of cleansing the major detoxification organs of the body through a plant based diet, specially prepared smoothies and supplements. Once the initial detox symptoms passed (for me, a mild headache and tiredness for the first 48 hours) the symptoms I have lived with for 10 years reduced greatly. Along with this, the body work activating the lymphatic system: onsite yoga, fitness training, infared saunas and daily massages combined with emotional clearing sessions using both ancient and modern techniques to release trapped emotions, within days I felt a lot lighter. By day 11 I was totally pain free for the first time in years.
Prior to committing to the programme I met Alister on Skype during which my programme ‘priority’ was established. There is no cookie cutter approach to detoxification and Alister is committed to delivering a programme which assists you in reaching your own unique goals.
Alister is deeply knowledgeable, has a vast scientific understanding of the human body as well as being connected to his intuition. He is also fascinating to be around. I am now a lot more conscious about the implications of environmental factors such as electrical magnetic fields and heavy metals on our health.
If you are ready for it, this detox can lead a positive overhaul of your body, mind and spirit.
I have been back for a month now and my condition has greatly improved and I’m armed with knowledge and insight to take absolute responsibility for my own health.
Thankyou ‘A cat has nine lives’ and Alister. The programme has been life changing!

A xx