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Welcome to A Cat Has Nine Lives

9 Steps To Health And Wellness

The website for the Health Ambit Consultancy based on the paradise island of Koh Samui in Southern Thailand.

We are dedicated to your good health through diet, lifestyle change and detox. Our Program is based on the book of this name by Dr Alister Bredee DHH.

Did you know that if you can effectively detox your body, mind and spirit cancer, heart disease and neurotoxicity cannot exist? There are nine exciting life-changing steps in this process. Want to know more? Take a look at the book “A Cat Has Nine Lives And So Do You.”

A Cat Has Nine Lives

Download a copy of this award-winning book.
Read it and make healthy changes to your life then select a program to make that change even better!

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It has very useful health advice and tips to a better health

The book is well researched with quotes from qualified doctors and other professional bodies. It has very useful health advice and tips to a better health. The holistic approach is the feature of this book . DETOX all three , BODY, MIND, SPIRIT and you are better human all round. Well written and congratulations to the Continue Reading

Ashok Sharma London

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