Learn How to Balance Your Own Energy. Half Day Interactive Quicker EFT Workshop

//Learn How to Balance Your Own Energy. Half Day Interactive Quicker EFT Workshop

Learn How to Balance Your Own Energy. Half Day Interactive Quicker EFT Workshop

• Come learn about the Chinese Meridian System and how “chi” energises you.
• Learn how to easily balance and energise the system with your hands as the only tools.
• Learn how to communicate with your body via muscle or energy testing.
• The biggest cause of disease is “stress”. Importantly learn how to unscramble the stress patterns yourself.
• What is the autonomic nervous system? Hans Selye got a Nobel Prize for identifying “flight and fight”. You can identify it too, but sorry no Nobel Prize!
• Simple nose breathing raises Nitric Oxide (laughing gas!) and switches off stress.
• Blood needs to reside in your front brain not in your legs or chest. See how to bring it back and overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
• Learn about amazing EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.
• Learn how to simply clear yourself and others of negative emotions and limiting beliefs by tapping on the specific end or beginning meridian points.
• Discover how you can check that you have released the trapped material.
• And much more
• *****Special bonus: Submit two case studies after the event and you’ll receive a Certificate from the Thai AAMET (Thai association for applied Meridian Energy Techniques) which will allow you to work with yourself, your family and friends.
“QUICKER EFT” gives you all of this in one convenient half day’s workshop. You can’t afford to miss it. We will give you a free manual so you can remember these techniques and use them on yourself and your friends and family.
Venue: Elysia Boutique Resort in Fisherman’s village.
When: Saturday 18th November 2017
Timing: 9am-1 pm
How Much: THB 1500 early bird booking if registered and paid before November 12th
1750 after that.
To Book Back Message me or Contact Pat Kell at Elysia Boutique Resort.
Your Instructor is Alister Bredee D.HH DCN.
After a career spanning many years in the Middle-East, Alister Bredee decided to re-train in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He graduated in 19884, but quickly found the tools that he had learned were often cumbersome and inadequate for work with his clients. He started a long and fascinating journey to find more and better means. This took him to homeopathy and then to Applied Kinesiology. In 1988 he enrolled in a Holistic Medicine Programme at Howell College with a campus at London’s Regent’s College, beautifully situated in the midst of Regent’s Park and another at Sherborne in Dorset. The Course involved residency at Sir Anton Jayasuriya;’s “Medicina Alernativa” in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He graduated as a D.HH (U.K.) M.D. (Sri Lanka), and Clinical Nutritionist in 1992, having established a practice in Harley Street and the prestigious Hale Clinic, again close to Regent’s Park.
He moved his practice to Dublin, where he opened “Natural Solutions” a healing Centre beside the sea in Monkstown, South County Dublin.
Alister Bredee trained in the Meridian Energy Therapies under Dr Tam Llewellyn and went to the USA to study with Gary Craig himself. He became the Administrator for the Irish Association for Applied Meridian Techniques (IAAMT). He also worked with Today’s Therapist Magazine, where he introduced EFT and other meridian energy based techniques to therapists in the UK and Ireland. He introduced his own variant which he called AMBIT (Allister’s Meridian based integrative Therapy) which he presented at the first ACEP Conference in Europe in Switzerland and later at the second conference at Lady Margaret Hall, part of Oxford University. He published his first book “Full Circle” in 2004 which outlines work with Meridian Energy Psychology
Alister moved to Thailand in 2005 and came to Koh Samui in 2007, where he has been actively working in the detox industry ever since. His second book “A Cat Has Nine Lives and So Do You.” And nine step guide to the detox process appeared in early 2017.

Want to know more? You can e-mail Alister to arrange a chat at alisterbredee@gmail.com

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