The Secret to Joy, Love and Success.

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Releasing as seen by the remarkable Lester Levenson.   Let's work on a sleep issue, but if this is not relevant to you, please alter it to something that is. Let's start with a statement:  " I allow myself to sleep well and awake fresh and well rested at..........am" Could you write that down and look at [...]

CHAPTER TWO The Meridian Psychotherapies EFT,TFT, ETC.

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As I said, I first came across EFT or was it TFT whilst having dinner with my friend from Boston, Patrick, in Kona, Hawaii at the end of my second Huna Experience. Remember how he started talking knowledgeably about the Callahan points in kinesiology and I hadn’t got a clue of what he was talking about. [...]

Learn How to Balance Your Own Energy. Half Day Interactive Quicker EFT Workshop

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• Come learn about the Chinese Meridian System and how “chi” energises you. • Learn how to easily balance and energise the system with your hands as the only tools. • Learn how to communicate with your body via muscle or energy testing. • The biggest cause of disease is “stress”. Importantly learn how to unscramble [...]

Koh Samui Wellness Consultants’ Society Meeting on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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Kinesiology and Energy Medicine What is kinesiology? In the 1930’s, Dr. Terence Bennett, an American chiropractor, discovered location points in the head, which affect the flow of blood to various organs of the human body. By simply touching these points with a finger it is possible to stimulate or inhibit the flow of blood. Thirty years [...]

Are You a Human or a Humanoid?

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  One of the more un-expected things that has been discovered in the work with Access Consciousness® is that there appears to be two kinds of beings on the planet: humans and humanoids. Let’s look at some of the differences here so that you can recognize who you are and not make yourself wrong for it. Humans tend [...]

The World’s Toughest Rehab Is a Monastery in Thailand By DUNCAN FORGAN

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May 30 2015, 12:59am Tham Krabok, Thailand's monastic equivalent to the to the Betty Ford Clinic, helps people overcome their addictions by living like monks and drinking a "cleansing" brown liquid that makes them vomit excessively each day. Alesha flinched as a monk uncorked a dusty bottle and lifted it to a shot glass. He poured out [...]

Turn back the age clock with Intermittent Fasting

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Fauja Singh completed the 2012 London Marathon in seven hours and forty-nine minutes. By no means, a winning time, yet Fauja Singh, affectionately dubbed the “turbaned tornado” is 101 years old. He took up long distance running after moving to the UK from his native India; post his wife’s death in 1992.He attributes his long and [...]

“Where are we?” The Koh Samui Wellness Consultants’ Society

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    King's Visit 1962 On Wednesday, May 24th the first meeting of the  "Samui Wellness Consultants" Society" is scheduled to meet at the Elysia Boutique Resort in Bophut at 7 pm. The group is the brainchild of Alena Kwong and strictly speaking the meeting on the 24th is not the first. But it is the [...]